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How can I make local friends?
What do I need to transfer from a community/stage college to a UC?

As a study abroad company that has been supporting international students locally for more than 15 years, this is a question that we often hear from our students.
We often hold events to connect international students with local students, but due to COVID-19 we are unable to even hold these events.
Therefore, we have decided to launch this platform.

On this platform you can connect with local UC students, learn transfer to a UC and practice your English conversation skills.

Also, most of the teachers are majoring in Japanese language and culture. I want to serve Japan! I want to know more about Japan! He is a teacher who thinks it's a win-win situation.

Additionally, since many local students major in foreign languages, they are familiar with the challenges that come with learning a language. Thus, they will be able to teach students in a more personal and empathic way that draws from their own experience.

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Reasons to choose Bridge

You can get advice and feedback from local UC students.

Many international students are concerned with the fact that there are not many seniors who can relate their actual college experiences to them. It is a unique and advantageous feature of Bridge that our students can receive advice directly from senior UC students.

There are many young tutors, so you can have a friendly, relaxed conversation with native English speakers and practice your natural English speaking skills.

Because our tutors are local students, Reasonable prices

The cost of learning native English is rather high. However, most of our tutors are students, so you can study intensely at a reasonable price. Newly-registered tutors offer half-price trial lessons as well.

You can set up a schedule that matches your own needs.

There are no membership or annual fees. You can schedule lessons at your own pace and on whatever topics you would like. For example, you can take lessons to help study before a test, focus entirely on a tutor's feedback, or heavily focus on verbal and written output. You have the freedom to study whatever you want, however you want.

Study abroad agents support you

Please be assured that we will provide full support, such as enrollment procedures, visa procedures, and accommodation information.


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スタッフ Mai


I want to create a platform that connects Japanese and overseas students! I think that studying at an American university or college is a big step towards changing your life. I will do my best to provide care and support that is personalized for each and every student.

スタッフ Yosuke


CEO of Education Bridge, which operates Bridge. I have lived in the United States since 2004. I have been involved in the study abroad business since 2010. I have been to 19 countries so far and speak Nyanja in Zambia.

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