• About our lessons

    • What are the contents of our lessons?

      Our conversation-focused lessons are designed with output in mind.
      You can enjoy lessons with UC students and alumni.
      Tutors may choose pre-existing teaching material for their lessons, but if there are any teaching materials that you yourself would like to use, please inform your tutor about them.

    • What kind of tutors does Bridge have?

      Our Tutors are seniors enrolled in UCLA, UC Berkeley, and other UCs (schools belonging to the University of California). UCs are a popular group of state universities that rank highly in multiple different world university rankings.
      You can practice your English conversation skills, engage in cross-cultural exchange and also learn firsthand information about university and student life.

    • What is the difference between Bridge and other online lessons?

      We often hear from international students that it is not easy to make local American friends. This is our reason for establishing this project: to gather students who are interested in the languages and cultures of other countries.
      Most of our tutors are active students at and recent graduates of the University of California (UC). We recommend our program for those who are considering UC universities and also for those who want to make American friends.

    • What kind of advice can I expect to have in my lessons?

      Some of our tutors transferred from community colleges to UCs. You can get advice and personal testimony from them that will aid you in your plans for the future.

    • Can I take lessons from overseas?

      You can take online lessons anywhere, anytime!

    • Is there anything I need for the lessons?

      You can take lessons on any PC or smartphone with a camera. Please download the Zoom or Skype app to partake in our lessons.

    • Can I take lessons with my friends or family?

      We focus on offering one-on-one lessons, but it is possible to allow a family member to silently observe one lesson together if you are both in front of the same device. However, we cannot offer interactive lessons and feedback to people who are not registered with us. Therefore, please have your friends and family register for an account. There is also a referral discount for such situations.

  • Payment methods

    • What kind of payment methods do you accept?

      We accept credit cards, debit cards and Paypal. We support Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards.

    • What is a prepaid card?

      If you purchase a Bridge prepaid card, you can use it to pay for lesson fees. You can get a $1 gift with a $25 card, a $3 gift with a $50 card, a $7 gift with a $100 card and $20 gift with the purchase of a $200 card.

    • How can I purchase a prepaid card?

      Please access the URL below and follow the instructions to purchase a prepaid card.

      3 easy steps!
      1.From the link above, click "Purchase Now" at the bottom of the gift card with your desired amount
      2.After entering your name and email address, check "This gift card is for me" in the "Purchaser Information" field and click "Continue to Payment"
      3.Enter your card information and billing address and click "Complete Purchase" to complete the purchase!
      If you have any questions about the procedure, please email us at customer@bridgelearning.net

    • How can I use a prepaid card?

      Within 24 hours of purchasing a prepaid card, a code will be sent via email. Please enter the code in the payment method selection when you apply for a lesson.

    • Is there a membership and annual fee?

      There is no membership fee, annual fee, or cancelation fee. You can take lessons without worrying about hidden fees.

    • How do I cancel my membership? Is there a cancellation fee?

      There is no cancellation fee.
      Prepaid cards you have already purchased will not be refunded.

    • Is there a discount?

      If a person you referred applies for a $20 lesson, you and your friend will both receive a $5 lesson credit each.

    • I got a credit card payment error message. What should I do?

      Depending on your credit card company, there may be restrictions on overseas payments. Please check your card information and if the error is not resolved, please contact the card company. If the problem can not be solved by contacting the card company, please let us know. We will respond in Japanese.

  • About reservations

    • How do I book a lesson?

      Please complete your membership for Bridge. Registration is complete when you provide your name, email address and phone number!

    • How do I adjust my lesson time?

      You can select tutors and the time you want on the booking page. If you would like to check the schedule of your desired tutor, please select a lesson from the tutor's details page and follow the instructions on the page to book.

    • How many hours in advance can I make a reservation?

      Please book at least 8 hours prior to the start of a lesson.

    • I want to modify or cancel a lesson, its date or its time.

      If you want to change or cancel a lesson's date and time, please change it at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson starts.
      After 24 hours, you will not be able to make changes and you will have to pay for the cost of the lesson. A tutor is prioritizing their time for you, so please send the tutor a message, even if it is sent less than 24 hours before the lesson.

    • What should I do if I am late?

      First, please contact a tutor and adjust for the lesson accordingly.
      If you notify the tutor more than 24 hours in advance, you can do it on another day, but if you request less than 24 hours beforehand, the lesson time may be shortened. The tutor will wait for you for 10 minutes after the start of the lesson. If you do not notify them ahead of time, the tutor will leave the online room.

  • About the system

    • How can I contact tutors?

      After confirming your first reservation, you will be able to contact your tutor from the booking confirmation page after you login.

    • In addition, there are some problems or questions

      If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to contact us at


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