Terms of service

Terms of service

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Thank you for your interest in being a part of Bridge!
Please read these terms and conditions ("terms") carefully before using the [website link] website. The website, referred to as the ("service"), is operated by Education Bridge ("us", "we", "our").

Roles of Bridge
We provide an online platform to connect students all over the world. Teachers and students may access and use the online platform to provide or take lessons and to share posts about what they are teaching or learning.

Throughout these terms and conditions, “you”, “your” and “User” indicate the students, parents and teachers accessing or using any of the services provided by Bridge. Within the context of a lesson, “party” and “parties” refer to both the teacher and the student.

Teachers will see each student’s phone number and email address whenever a student books a lesson.
However, in the interest of privacy, please refrain from contacting the student via phone or email before the first lesson.
After the first lesson, if you make a communal agreement with the student, you may contact them or share class materials via email.
Until the message center on our website launches, Skype is the best method to contact students before or after a lesson, for both privacy and record-keeping purposes. If a student did not provide their Skype ID when they booked a lesson, please ask them for it during your first lesson with said student.

We use third party payment services, such as Zelle, Paypal and bank transfer (Bank of America only) to pay lesson fees to teachers. We take out 20% of the lesson fee as a commission.
For Paypal, a transaction fee will be charged. The fee is usually 4% of the received amount and Paypal’s terms and conditions will apply.
We send payment out to teachers on the 1st and 15th of the month.

Teachers will hold first-time trial lessons at a discounted rate of 50% off for their first five students. Bridge will not take any commission from these discounted trial lessons. After the teacher has completed five discounted trial lessons with five different students, the teacher is no longer obligated to provide a discount.

Schedule Changes
Students and teachers must notify each other whenever there is a scheduling issue and either party is no longer able to participate in a lesson at the scheduled time. The notice must be 24 hours prior to the originally scheduled start time.

Missed/Late Lessons
When students are late:
Teachers must wait a minimum of 10 minutes for their student to arrive. If the student shows within 10 minutes, please proceed with the lesson as normal.
Teachers and students are allowed to extend the lesson time to make up for being late, should both parties agree to do so.

If the teacher is not available afterwards to teach beyond the originally scheduled time, the teacher may choose to end the lesson on the original planned ending time.

Whenever students need to cancel a lesson, they must notify the teacher 24 hours prior to the start of the lesson. If a student does not notify the teacher, or if they do so less than 24 hours prior to the lesson, the lesson fee will be kept by the teacher and Bridge.

When Teachers are Late
Students must wait a minimum of 10 minutes for their teacher to arrive. If a teacher is late, the lesson must be extended by the same amount of time that the teacher is late, providing it is less than or equal to 10 minutes. If it is impossible to do so, due to the student being unavailable, the following lesson must be extended by the same amount of time that the teacher was late. If this cannot be done in the next lesson, then both parties must decide on a time and date to have an extended lesson.

If a teacher is late by more than 10 minutes, the lesson fee will be refunded back to the student. If a teacher is late three times without providing a 24 hour notice, the teacher will be suspended. Teachers will need to contact us with justifiable reasons as to why they should be reinstated. Reinstatement decisions are made on a case by case basis; reinstatement is not guaranteed.

Please contact this email when you have an urgent matter and need to cancel a lesson:

Waiver of Liability for Interaction Outside of Lessons
Bridge will not take any responsibility nor be held liable for anything that happens between students and teachers if they interact outside of the services that Bridge provides.

Teachers’ Introduction Videos and Profile Pictures
Bridge may use its teachers’ introduction videos and profile pictures on its website and in third party social media for marketing purposes.

Referral Promotion
If a currently working teacher (one who is actively employed with and providing lessons through Bridge) invites a new teacher to our online platform, both the referrer and the new teacher will get a $10 bonus upon the new teacher’s completion of their first lesson with a student. Former teachers may also use the referral promotion, but only the newly-referred teacher will get the $10 bonus. The bonus will be paid out at the same time as a normal paycheck.

Minor Students
Our services are only for students older than 18 years old. Users under the age of 18 must be supervised by a parent, family member or legal guardian at all times during a lesson. The supervisor will be held responsible for any and all of the student’s actions and behavior.

We appreciate any and all feedback and constructive criticism to help improve our services. We may use and publish your comments and pictures if you explicitly state your permission within your feedback or within a questionnaire.

We may terminate any user’s access or delete any user’s posts on our website for any reason at any time, with or without prior notice.

Intellectual Property Rights
All of the design elements, systems and any intellectual property of our services belongs to us and the licensors.

Teachers’ Responsibilities
Please ensure to always begin lessons on time. Please be mindful of the availability that you submit, as there is always the possibility of receiving an appointment that falls within that time.
Students have until 8 hours prior to the start of a lesson to book it. Teachers will receive an email notification upon the booking of a new appointment.Teachers can also see their lesson schedule online after they log in to the website.
Once you are registered as a teacher at Bridge, please read through the Teacher guideline_tips.

Do not share student/teacher contact information with anybody.Please use our website or linked services to manage your lessons and schedule.
It is always helpful to keep a written record of all progress and communication (email, Skype, etc.) between you and your students.
Please make sure to make a record of important changes such as last-minute schedule changes, delays and so on. Use our service to receive appointments or for any other related matters.
For additional information and questions, please email us at

Although a rare occurrence, if a student is not satisfied with a lesson and requests a refund, the teacher may directly speak with the student and see if there is a solution that they can both agree on. If it cannot be solved between the two of you, please contact us at

All Other User Responsibilities
Please refrain from using our services to promote any personal services or products, besides your own lessons.

Please always be considerate to and respectful of one another. Most importantly, please enjoy teaching!


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